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Arrival Weekend 2015!

It’s not long now until we welcome thousands of new students to St Andrews!

It’s really important to us that our students get connected to the wifi as soon as they arrive. We’ll have IT support in 10 locations across St Andrews during arrival weekend.

On 5th & 6th September 2015, between 10am-6pm, we’ll have IT support based in the following locations:

  • Albany Park
  • Agnes Blackadder Hall
  • Andrew Melville Hall
  • DRA
  • John Burnet Hall
  • McIntosh Hall
  • St Regulus Hall
  • St Salvator’s Hall
  • University Hall
  • Main University Library

Despite it being our busiest time of year, it’s also our favourite time of year! We are really looking forward to welcome all the new and returning students to St Andrews.


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