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Updates to rooms equipment and events production

Rooms fitted with new AV equipment
Over the summer we have kitted out several rooms with new AV equipment. We standardised their systems and made them more user-friendly and reliable. In several rooms, laser projectors have been fitted, providing bright, sharp images in high resolution. Changes in classrooms

The rooms upgraded this summer so far are:

  • Econometrics Computer Classroom
  • Bute Lecture Theatre A, Theatre D and Bute Computer Classroom
  • Irvine 310, 327 and Irvine Computer Classroom
  • Maths Lecture Theatres A, C and D
  • BMS Seminar Room 1.13
  • Castlecliffe F2
  • Multimedia Centre 1 and 2 (both rooms can be joined for larger classes)
  • Arts Lecture theatre.

In the Arts Building Seminar Rooms 1, 4 and 7 we made them into Interactive Projection systems while all 9 Arts Building rooms are now capable of using the Interactive projection boards for teaching.
The 4 small meeting rooms in the Gateway building were kitted out with 55” TV monitors and cables.
Some of the larger rooms are now fitted with SMART Podiums and pens, making the systems interactive.

picture1AV system instruction sheets           Instruction sheets have been put together for rooms showing how to make proper use of the AV systems, and a laminated copy put on the teaching desk of each room. These instruction sheets can also be found in PDF form on the Media Services website at:


Recent events production
picture2Media Services provided live streaming of the two opening ceremonies for students at the start of September. The videos were live-edited and posted within a few hours on the University’s’ Vimeo channel.

picture3The Erasmus Mundus masters Graduation ceremony, held at the Byre Theatre, was live-edited with DVD copies provided for further distribution.

We have also recorded and live streamed the signing of an Interfaith Declaration in Upper College. The event was attended by religious leaders and representatives from many religions across the world.

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