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IT upgrades and maintenance during w/c 19 December 2016

There are limited windows of opportunity for IT Services to carry out major upgrade and maintenance work without causing widespread disruption to students and staff.

We therefore plan to carry out a number of storage and network upgrades during w/c 19th December 2016, during which time, some key University services will be unavailable or ‘at risk’.

Monday 19th December from 04:00 – 08:00 hours

The following LIVE services will be unavailable:

  • PURE
  • MMS
  • SITS
  • SID

During this period, access to all services – including the network, home and shared drives may be impacted.

Monday 19th December from 08:00 – 14:00 hours

Due to power works that will be carried out by Estates colleagues in the North Haugh exchange, network services, including telephony, may be impacted (particularly those located in that area).

Monday 19th December 19:00 hours until Tuesday 20th December at 09:00 hours

The following TEST databases will be unavailable:

  • AFM (Estates) helpdesk Test
  • Test Apex forms
  • Test APTOS
  • Test Warehouse
  • Test SID
  • Test HR (ResourceLink)
  • Test PURE
  • Test SITS
  • T4 test and dev
  • A number of small test databases

During this period, access to LIVE services should be considered ‘at risk’, but the impact should be minimal.

Tuesday 20th December 09:00 hours until Wednesday 21st December at 17:00 hours

The bulk of the most potentially disruptive maintenance and upgrade works will be completed, however we will be carrying out further work during this time.  As such, access to services should continue to be deemed ‘at risk’.

Our Service Status page will be kept up to date.

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