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Apps Anywhere Student Survey results

In April 2017 we carried out a short survey to find out what students think about Apps Anywhere. This new service was launched in September 2016, and provides students access to specialist software applications on any University PC as well as on their personal devices (since January 2017).

The survey revealed that over 55% of respondents were using a University PC to access the service, 25% were using their own Windows device, and just over 15% using their Mac.

We asked respondents to tick all the statements they agreed with:

We’re very grateful to everyone who completed the survey and took the time to leave feedback. We have already taken on board some of the comments received, which we hope will further improve the service.

Below is a selection of feedback about Apps Anywhere:Stat

“It would be great if other software for programming was included, e.g. MATLAB”

“Slick system. Made accessing applications for my course much easier than last year.”

Congratulations to Meg who won a £50 Amazon voucher in our survey prize draw!


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