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Contacting us

Prior to logging a call with the IT Service Desk, it’s worth doing some quick checks before contacting us. If you’re having problems accessing a service, we recommend that you:

  1. Go to the IT Service Status web page to check the status of the service (there may be scheduled maintenance or a known issue)
  2. Is the issue only affecting you? Ask nearby colleagues if they have a similar problem
  3. And of course, our favourite… restart your device (this often resolves the issue)
    For power, network, mouse or keyboards problems, please ensure all cables are connected at both ends while your device is switched off.

If you are still experiencing problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us IT Service Desk. The following information (where relevant) will help us deal with your issue more quickly:

  1. Asset Number – The five digit number found on a red and silver sticker on the device (if applicable). The sticker is titled ‘Property of UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS’
  2. Location of the device – Room number and building name
  3. Computer name (PC or laptop only) – The name can be found as follows:
    Click the Start button > right-click Computer > click Properties
  4. What are the specific symptoms and/or error messages you are receiving? What triggers the error? Can you send us a screenshot?
  5. Is there a deadline for your query? This will help us determine the impact and urgency of your call
  6. Which of the basic checks (listed above) have you tried?
  7. If urgent, please provide additional contact details (e.g. mobile number)

IT Services also offer technical support and expertise to all students and staff for personally owned computers and mobile phones. Fault diagnosis and repairs are offered for a standard fee, plus the cost of any replacement hardware required. For more information, please contact the PC Clinic team.

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