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Telephone Upgrade: Friday 17th August 0630-0800

An essential software upgrade of our Telephony system is scheduled to take place between 0630-0800 hours on Friday 17th August 2018 .

All university landlines will be impacted, with the exception of the main University line (01334 476161), which will function as normal.

A few key points to note:

  • We anticipate that the loss of service for each individual extension will be no more than 10 minutes, however the ‘at risk period’ is 0630-0800hours.
  • A small number of University lifts cannot be used and will have signage and a physical barrier in place.  Appropriate Building Officers have been advised;
  • Call forwarding from a University extension to a mobile or voicemail will not work during this time;
  • Extensions in Halls of Residence, including student bedrooms, will be affected;
  • Intruder or fire alarms do not run on our telephony exchange and will not be affected;
  • Access Control will not be affected;
  • PDQ payment machines will not work during this time (anticipated to be less than 10 minutes);
  • 999 calls cannot be made from a university telephone line during this time. If the emergency services are required, a call should be made from a mobile telephone.  Please note that some mobile providers use 112 as the emergency number –  not 999.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

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