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Opening Ceremonies

Yesterday our fantastic AV team live streamed and live edited our annual Opening Ceremonies, which can now be enjoyed by the students friends and family from all over the world. All in a day’s work for the team!

8 September 2015Uncategorized

The IT Service Desk Team are ready!

The IT Service Desk team are the first point of contact for anyone in University community needing IT Support.  For us, the most crucial period in the year is the start of term, and in particular, arrivals weekend (5th & 6th September 2015).  We know how important it is for students, who have travelled from…

4 September 2015Uncategorized

DocMan Decommissioned

Our new Document Manager replaces DocMan and has been available to approved users from 19 August 2015. It enables better integration with a number of other systems.  Also we are able to better control the ‘look and feel’ of the application to appeal to users.  Below is an extract from ITS Newsletter September 2002 when…

3 September 2015Uncategorized

Greg Jennings, IT Service Desk Apprentice

A warm welcome to Greg who joined us in July 2015 as our IT Service Desk Apprentice. “I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I actually wanted to do with my career until late on in my last year at school. The thing I got most enjoyment out of was my Computing and…

30 August 2015Uncategorized

Erin Niven, Media Services Apprentice Technician

A warm welcome to our newest IT recruit, Erin Niven, Media Services Apprentice Technician.  Erin joined us in July 2015. “I applied to be an IT Apprentice at the University of St Andrews as I saw a huge opportunity to expand my knowledge and take what I learn in to practise on a daily basis. When I was…

29 August 2015Uncategorized

What is the Clutter folder in Office 365?

Clutter is an email filtering option available to Office 365 customers.  It is similar to an anti-spam filter as it moves less important email (based on your reading habits) into a ‘Clutter’ folder where they can be ignored or reviewed later.  Most of the mail going into the folder should be bulk mail (advertisements) and messages from…

24 August 2015Uncategorized

Arrival Weekend 2015!

It’s not long now until we welcome thousands of new students to St Andrews! It’s really important to us that our students get connected to the wifi as soon as they arrive. We’ll have IT support in 10 locations across St Andrews during arrival weekend. On 5th & 6th September 2015, between 10am-6pm, we’ll have…

24 August 2015Uncategorized

Get Microsoft Office for FREE!

If you’re a student or member of staff at the University of St Andrews, you can get a complete version of the latest Microsoft Office.  You can install Office on up to five PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android and iOS. Don’t download any of your free versions on University supplied…

14 August 2015Uncategorized