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Five ways to spot a phishing email

1. How do you know the sender? We have around 5000 staff at the University so it’s unlikely you’ll have met everyone in-person. This is what makes the following advice tricky: “don’t interact with an email you weren’t expecting.” A lot of the time, we may receive queries from colleagues and students that we weren’t…

19 September 2019Security

The clever reason scammers can’t spell

Anybody who doesn’t fall off their chair laughing is exactly who they want to talk to - Cormac Herley, Microsoft computer scientist.

6 June 2019Security

What you missed from Cyber Scotland Week 

Last week, we promoted Cyber Scotland Week, a first of its kind for cyber in Scotland. The week aimed to showcase the innovation taking place across the sector, while raising awareness of good cyber resilience practice.   We shared cyber tips on our Twitter @StAITServices throughout the week for other University Twitter accounts to share. A display of IT security resources has been in the Main Library to raise awareness of strong passwords, phishing and the free anti-virus…

15 May 2019Security

Goodbye to swipe ID card readers!

We've just completed our project to standardise ID card readers across the University.

10 May 2019Our services Our team Security