IT Service Desk opening hours (Christmas break)

bannerDue to the University’s closure during the Christmas period, the IT Service Desk (front desk and back office) will operate at the following dates and times over the next few weeks:

Date IT Help point in the Library IT Service Desk (email & telephone)
18th December 09:00 – 18:0008:30 – 18:00
19th December 09:00 – 14:0008:30 – 14:00
20th December09:00 – 18:0008:30 – 18:00
21st December 09:00 – 16:0008:30 – 18:00
22nd December09:00 – 16:0008:30 – 16:00
23rd Dec - 2nd JanCLOSEDCLOSED
3rd January09:00-17:0008:30-1700
4th January09:00-17:0008:30-1700
5th January09:00-17:0008:30-1700
6th January 10:00-17:00
(Limited IT Support)
7th January 10:00-17:00
(Limited IT Support)
8th January 09:00-17:0008:30-17:00
9th January09:00-17:0008:30-17:00
10th January09:00-17:0008:30-17:00
11th January09:00-17:0008:30-17:00
12th JanuaryCLOSED08:30-17:00
13th January10:00-17:00
(Limited IT Support)
14th January10:00-17:00
(Limited IT Support)

From the 16th until the 28th January 2018, the following will apply:

Monday – Friday09:00 – 17:0008:30 – 17:00
Saturday10:00 – 17:00CLOSED
Sunday11:00 – 17:00CLOSED

The Christmas vacation shutdown for PC Classrooms and other access control areas is with effect from 17:00 on Wednesday 20th December. Staff will still be able to access the building with their ID Cards.

PC Classrooms in the Bute, Maths and Irvine building will still be available 24 hours a day during the vacation period (23rd December – 2nd January). ID cards will be required to gain access.

For cover during this period, please check our web page.

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New Service: Find which PCs are available in real-time across the University

Photo of a screen at the Main Library's entrance, displaying PC usage in the building

Screen at the Main Library’s entrance, displaying PC usage in the building

We have developed a new tool that allows students to check in real-time how many PCs are available in computer rooms.

Initially, the service was made available in the Main Library – a screen at the Library’s entrance displays how busy the Library is, how many computers are available and on what level.

After further consultation, we expanded the service to include information from all the computer rooms in the University.

To access the service, visit from a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

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Access Control office closure on 5th December 2017

An advance notice that the Access Control office will be closed all day on Tuesday 5th December 2017 (08:45-17:00).
Requests received on that day for new or replacement ID cards and access changes will not be processed until Wednesday 6th December.
Requests for unplanned maintenance/repairs on doors with access control will not be dealt with on the day unless the issue is considered a health and safety or security concern.
In the event of an access control emergency, please call extension 2755.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Darren Lister, Office 365 Apprentice

Photo of Darren ListerA warm welcome to Darren who joined us in August 2017 as our Office 365 Apprentice.

“When I left school, I felt that an apprenticeship is better than college at expanding your knowledge. Everything you learn through your apprenticeship can be put into practice immediately as you resolve a variety of issues daily. I chose to do an IT Apprenticeship at the University of St Andrews as I’ve seen it is a great opportunity to gain qualifications while learning new skills.
On my first few weeks, I felt that all University staff have been so welcoming and helpful from people giving me tours of the University, to colleagues helping me getting everything I need set up.
Starting my apprenticeship with the IT Service Desk team has been great as I’ve learned how to resolve common issues and distribute calls from the inbox within UniDesk. Working during the start of term was very busy but I enjoyed being on the front desk and helping new students with any issues they are having.
I think I made the right choice by coming to St Andrews. Being able to put that on my CV as the first step on my career is great.”

Learn more about our IT Apprenticeships scheme at

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Jake Laing, IT Service Desk Apprentice

Photo of Jake LaingA warm welcome to Jake who joined us in July 2017 as our IT Service Desk Apprentice.

“I chose to do an apprenticeship at the University of St Andrews because ever since I can remember, I knew I wanted a job in IT. I always wanted to go down the route of learning but the thought of college/university wasn’t very appealing for me so I thought an apprenticeship was an ideal option as it allowed me to learn while working at the same time.
I’m really enjoying being here. I learn new things every day and I think that’s the best part of working at the IT Service Desk – you can never know everything. I was anxious at first but the team really helped me settle in. I was made very welcome by everyone and have had great support for things I don’t quite understand yet.
Working during the start of term in Halls and in the IT Help Point in the Main Library really helped me build my confidence. I’m in a constant face to face contact with customers and have to do a lot of problem-solving on my own – even when I don’t know the answer straight away.
I think an IT apprenticeship at the University was the right decision as it has opened many opportunities to advance my skills in IT and allow me to figure out my current strengths and weaknesses.”

Learn more about our IT Apprenticeships scheme at

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