IT Service Desk Christmas opening hours

Bethany Reid
Monday 10 December 2018
The Library will be closed on Friday 11 January so get IT help by phone or online via email, UniDesk, or Skype.


If you’re looking for IT help during December and January, you can find our opening hours below.

We’ll be offering limited IT support on the weekends whilst campus is quiet. This means that Library staff will be available to assist you with basic IT issues whilst our techs are away. Weekend service will return to normal from January 21st.

Building Access

On Thursday 20 December at 17:00, all access-controlled buildings will go into LOCK mode. This means you’ll need your staff or student ID card to get in, unless you have made a local arrangement with Campus Card Services. Building access will return to normal on Thursday 3 January 2019.

Need to use a PC over Christmas vacation?

You can access the 24-hour PC Classrooms in the Bute, Maths and Irvine buildings using your staff or student ID card.

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