What happens to your account when you graduate

Bethany McNally
Monday 3 June 2019

Congratulations to all students who are graduating in June 2019. After your graduation ceremony, you’ll gradually lose access to University services over the next six months. If you’ve got any important documents to save or errands to run, make sure you give yourself enough time to do so.

Your student ID card

These will stop working on Sunday 30 June. This means you’ll lose access to all University buildings, including the Main Library. If you want to continue using the Main Library as a graduate, you can join for free. Just bring photo ID and proof of address which is dated within the last three months to the Main Library Service Desk. For £20 a year, you can sign up to borrow books, but this doesn’t include online resources.

You can get into the Union as an alumnus by showing your old student ID card. This means you can sign in others in the future. Find out more about this on the Union website.

Home drive

Since you won’t be able to visit a University PC and get files off your home drive, it’s important you do this before Sunday 30 June. If you want to back up everything, we recommend creating a zip file to send to yourself. This takes up less space so can be transferred to other computers more quickly that uncompressed files.

Office 365

You lose access to Office 365 services, including email and OneDrive, six months after you graduate. Use these guides to back up what you need:

If you have used your email to sign up for non-University websites, like Amazon or Facebook, change it soon. If you don’t, it means you won’t be able to reset your password or receive email notifications for this site in future.

eVision, Moodle, MySaint and Module Management System

You lose access to student systems six months after you graduate. If you want a digital copy of your student transcript, do this in eVision. You should also use these systems to pay any outstanding fines you might have before you graduate. If you want any copies of work you’ve submitted, do this in the Module Management System.


Although your ID card will stop working on 30 June, you may find that the printers no longer accept it a few weeks before this. You can still print and collect jobs from any University printer, but you may need to enter your username manually.

When you begin your studies, we normally advise to top-up your myprint account in small quantities as you need to. This is because printing credits are non-refundable. If you have over £5 in your account after you’re finished printing your last pieces of coursework, you can transfer this to another student. Contact the IT Service Desk with the name of the student that you’d like to transfer the funds to.


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