Why your computer needs a pick-me-up too

Sam Foster
Monday 5 July 2021

While it’s essential for you to take regular breaks away from your computer screen throughout the day, it’s also important to regularly reboot your computer. Your morning coffee break provides the perfect opportunity.

There are a wide range of benefits to rebooting your device.

1. Applies software updates

Rebooting your machine allows time for your device to install updates which serve an essential purpose in keeping your device secure as many include critical security fixes. Updates may also add or enhance features which are available to you. They also implement fix bugs which may reduce the risk of your device crashing or freezing while you work.

Tip: updates may also be available for individual software applications or browsers installed on device too.


2. Corrects software glitches

Applications and programs that are kept active for prolonged periods of time can encounter glitches and a substantial build-up of cached memory. Restarting your machine will not only clear up these issues, but they will also improve the performance of your apps.


3. Can solve internet issues

If you’re experiencing problems, including internet issues, restarting your computer is a great place to start.

Tip: sometimes sitcoms do offer good advice.


4. Closes background applications you don’t need

Often, programmes continue to run in the background even after you close the window. This includes your music applications, Microsoft 365 and file storage syncing apps. However, there could be programmes you only use once in a while, and these could be taking up vital memory!


5. Applications open and perform faster

As a result of closing old programmes and freeing up memory, the applications you do want to use will open and perform faster.

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