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Media Services Video Production during 2016

2016 has been an exciting year for the Media Services team. With the introduction of the lecture capture service, demand for videos has increased with more and more videos being requested from Schools and Units.

We have continued recording all major events such as the graduation ceremonies, while building a series of video lectures for the University. Examples of these, include:

  • An Interfaith event, held in the Upper College Hall during the summer for the benefit of the Vatican. The broadcast was viewed by the Dali Lama and King of Norway.
  • A live overflow for Computer Science in the Upper and Lower College Halls for their ‘Distinguished Lecture Series’.
  • A series of films for Biology’s Explorathon event, held at the Byre Theatre. Some outdoor filming was obtained, including drone footage of a charity run held at Craigtoun Park in St Andrews.
  • The continuation of the ‘Lecture Dantis’ Series. These cover 36 lectures on ‘Inferno’, 37 lectures on ‘Purgatory’, 4 lectures on ‘Convivio’ and now a further 7 lectures on ‘Paradiso’.
  • The new Principal’s Installation and the Welcome Dinner speeches.

Apart from these, the Lecture Capture service has been so far piloted in several of the University rooms, resulting in lecture content being produced and made available on our e-learning system, Moodle.

Our expectation is that 2017 will see greater quantity and quality of live broadcasts, recorded events and promotional videos, while we reach out to make Lecture Capture a reality across the University.

To see a full list of the films produced, please check out this guide: Full list of events covered

Jim Moonie
IT Services


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