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    Previous editions (sign in required)

    April 2022

    April’s IT News celebrates Dhani McDiarmid’s recent recognition as UCISA’s Rising Star. It also covers what staff should do with IT equipment when they leave, and upcoming Microsoft 365 and Nitro Pro session.

    May 2022

    May’s IT News honors Sam Foster receiving this year’s BCS Tayside and Fife student prize.It also covers updates to IT help, Free wifi all around and what happens after you graduate.

    August 2022

    August’s IT News gives the spotlight to our new Apprentices along with familiar faces swapping job roles. It also celebrates Dhani McDiarmid gaining a promotion from her hard work and dedication. This months news also covers events for people to attend and what to do with your equipment after leaving.

    Cyber Scotland Week 2022

    A special edition of IT News, the Cyber Scotland Week edition includes features on the best ways to get involved (like registering for our event), how to take part in our quiz, our event top picks, and some good sources for further knowledge on cyber security.

    February 2022

    February’s IT News includes features on updated wifi slips for guests, a guide on teaching support in semester 2, a feature on using webinar functionality in Teams, and a reminder on recent blog posts and upcoming sessions.

    December 2021

    December’s IT News includes features on opening hour changes, upcoming PDMS sessions, an update on print nightmare, the winner of the One Minute Survey, a short article on Presenter Coach, and a note on staying safe online over the festive period.

    November 2021

    November’s IT News includes features on upcoming sessions, updates on the MacOS Monterey rollout, IT vacancies, the One Minute Survey winner, and a summary of the latest blog posts to catch up on.

    October 2021

    October’s IT News includes features on upcoming sessions, an update from the Business Intelligence team, new news on the release of Windows 11, the One Minute Survey winner, information on using Walter Bower House meeting rooms, and some of the latest blog posts to catch up on.