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About to begin your studies at the University of St Andrews? Check this list before you get here.

Date July 26, 2021
Category Our services

While it’s essential for you to take regular breaks away from your computer screen throughout the day, it’s also important to regularly…

Date July 5, 2021
Category Upgrades

As we start to return to the office, make use of these Teams features when joining meetings from your desk.

Date June 9, 2021
Category Microsoft 365

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Password cracking techniques

Passwords are one of the main authentication methods that is used to protect unauthorised access to online accounts. Unfortunately, some people want access to other users’ accounts in order to gather and steal…

Our IT Help Point is moving (again!)

From Monday 19th August, the IT Help Point will move to seminar room 2, level two, in the Main Library. The IT Help Point which existed previously on the ground floor in the Butts Wynd building will no longer operate. 

An intro to Microsoft Edge Chromium

Early last year, Microsoft released its newest web browsing facility, which is completely compatible on both MacOS and Windows 10 machines, Microsoft Edge Chromium.