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Follow our online shopping guidance to avoid scam websites and protect yourself when browsing online.

Date November 29, 2022
Category Security

Since the rapid move to digital, the number of online services, websites, and social media platforms that require a new account and…

Date November 16, 2022
Category Security

A zero-day vulnerability has been found in Google Chrome. This means a security bug existed with no patch available, leaving systems open…

Date November 3, 2022
Category Security

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F-Secure relaunches as WithSecure

Our antivirus supplier F-Secure has relaunched as WithSecure. The updated software name rolled out to University-supplied Macs last week. Windows devices will not be affected by the change until later in the academic…

Donate your desktop printer and save carbon

We are launching a campaign to encourage colleagues using stand-alone desktop printers to use the UniPrint service instead. Central printing services are a more environmentally friendly and secure alternative. Desktop…