Upgrade to Windows 11

Tracy Moffat
Thursday 4 April 2024

Over the course of the last 12-18 months, we have been issuing new or rebuilt devices with Windows 11 as Windows 10 will not be supported from October 2025 onwards. 

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If you have not been upgraded to Windows 11 yet, it is now available for you to upgrade from our ‘Software Center’. We recommend that you carry out this upgrade at a convenient time.

This upgrade typically takes between 2 to 3 hours and your device must remain plugged into mains power and connected to the network (at home or work). Please choose a time that causes you minimal disruption, e.g. at the end of the working day.  During the download stage of the install, you can continue to use your computer as normal. The second stage will reboot the computer automatically. During this time, the computer must remain connected to a network for a successful installation.

Please note this method is likely to become a more common method for Microsoft updates in the future. If you have previously installed this update and your computer has been offline since updating, no further action is required on your part.

If you are not sure what version of Windows you are using, type winver in the windows search bar.

then either click open or run command.

A window will appear with the version of windows you are currently using.

To install Windows 11, follow the below instructions:

1. If you are offsite, connect to the University Cisco VPN

2. Open the Software Center. To find the Software Centre, type ‘Software Center’ into the Windows search bar.

3. Click Operating Systems in the left-hand menu.

4. Click the available update called ‘STA OS – Windows 11 22H2 (x64) – Upgrade’.

5. Click Install.

6. The upgrade will download in the background (6 Gb), after which your computer will become unusable until the installation has completed.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you experience any issues or have any questions. 

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