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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020

Creating online content which can be read and understood by any student or staff member has always been a priority for web designers and content creators. However, it has never been more important than in these last few months. Thursday May 21st marks the ninth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and we’re hosting a virtual…

13 May 2020

Stay safe online when working from home

As we now work and study from home, it’s never been so important that we stay vigilant online. Scammers often take advantage of times like these when it’s easy to create a sense of urgency, leaving staff and students more vulnerable to phishing attacks. 

6 April 2020Security

What to do if your internet’s playing up

Follow these steps if your wifi isn't performing as usual.

26 March 2020Tips & Info

Tips for working from home

We asked our Office 365 user community what tips they would like to share with their colleagues while we're mostly working from home.

24 March 2020

We’re extending our opening hours

To help support the University during this period, we're extending our opening hours.

20 March 2020Our services

Cancelled: printer upgrade schedule

Printers are being replaced between Tuesday 17th March and Thursday 2nd April.

17 March 2020Upgrades

What is information classification?

Information is an asset, but not all information has the same value for the University. Not all information needs to be protected as strongly as others when storing and sending it.

12 February 2020Security

Backups, best practice and a file storage recap

We aim to provide robust storage solutions with appropriate backups for everyone at St Andrews, including options for flexibility and collaboration. Learn what is available for you to use so you can make sensible choices when saving data.

11 February 2020Our services Security

Our favourite IT security tips from NCSC

Regardless of the size or type of organisation you work for, it's important to understand why you might be vulnerable to cyber-attack, and how to defend yourself.

29 January 2020Security

If you’ve just moved to Windows 10

Windows 10 is our University operating system. Read about useful features if you've never used it before.

16 January 2020Upgrades