Don’t be glazed over by cyber threats; grab a free doughnut and don’t fudge the security in your digital life!

Tracy Moffat
Wednesday 21 February 2024

Cyber Scotland Week brings people and organisations across Scotland together to raise cyber security awareness and build cyber resilience. So don’t be a cyber-doughnut, grab a real one!

Cyber threats pose significant risks to our personal and professional lives, especially since we spend more time online. We must grasp these risks and take steps to protect ourselves, our families, our businesses, and the University as the digital landscape expands. Cyber Scotland Week has something for students or staff to help your online safety game and strengthen our cyber defences. By getting involved in Cyber Scotland Week, we can collaborate to build a more secure digital future for Scotland.

Want to know what an Orkney Minibus company and the British Library have in common? Join us for a bite-sized session:

Our IT Security and Resilience team will take you through recent studies of cyber-attacks and provide tips to protect your online presence both professionally and personally. We will cover topics such as ransomware, phishing, extortion, recent trends, and most importantly, how to spot them.

The session will be run in a presentation and Q&A format with the chance to win £25. Make sure to bring your sweetest, most dough-licious questions along! 

First come, first served doughnut rule.

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