How to enable Wi-Fi calling

Bethany Reid
Friday 12 May 2023

Mobile phone coverage can vary, particularly inside larger buildings or rural areas. Wi-Fi calling allows you make phone calls over wireless networks (including eduroam) rather than over the 4G or 5G mobile signal. 

Check if Wi-Fi calling is available to you

Once you turn on Wi-Fi calling, you can make and take phone calls in areas where you have poor phone signal.

You should check your mobile phone contract and if the handset you have provides the Wi-Fi calling service.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (companies that offer mobile services, but don’t run their own network), e.g., BT mobile, Sky, Virgin, may offer the Wi-Fi calling service – please check with your provider. 

Connect to eduroam

If Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your mobile phone, when you’re in university buildings, as a St Andrews student, you’ll be able to use eduroam for this service.

The easiest way to get connected is to download the geteduroam app on iOS, Android, or Windows. If you don’t have an internet connection at this point, you can also follow the setup guide on the IT website.

Options if you don’t have Wi-Fi calling

Many services like Facebook and WhatsApp calling, Facetime and Skype use the internet rather than relying on your phone network.

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