Erin Niven, Media Services Apprentice Technician

Pauline Brown
Saturday 29 August 2015

Erin1A warm welcome to our newest IT recruit, Erin Niven, Media Services Apprentice Technician.  Erin joined us in July 2015.

“I applied to be an IT Apprentice at the University of St Andrews as I saw a huge opportunity to expand my knowledge and take what I learn in to practise on a daily basis. When I was offered the Apprenticeship safe to say I was completely shocked didn’t quite believe when I was phoned and informed the next day that I had even managed to achieve a call back with them, after this I was completely ecstatic to come in and to join the team. My first couple of weeks have been amazing!

Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly, settling in has been made so easy for me! I believe I have ventured most of the University buildings already but I have been told there’s so much more, that frightened me slightly. The whole university is on such a massive scale! I have seen and done so many things already and cannot wait to keep going.

The Media team are fab they keep me clued in on anything and everything and I couldn’t ask for more, getting kept super busy which I love! After just finishing a year in college earning my HNC in Networking, diving straight into this was definitely the right choice for me!”


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