Greg Jennings, IT Service Desk Apprentice

Pauline Brown
Sunday 30 August 2015

GregA warm welcome to Greg who joined us in July 2015 as our IT Service Desk Apprentice.

“I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I actually wanted to do with my career until late on in my last year at school. The thing I got most enjoyment out of was my Computing and IT subjects although i wasn’t too keen on applying for university. The other options were either college or an apprenticeship. I chose an apprenticeship mainly because I liked the idea of being able to work and learn whilst on the job and then put those skills into action straight away. Of course, the fact that I would be working in St Andrews was also a factor in me choosing an apprenticeship.

It was a special feeling knowing I would be working at the University doing something I have great interest in. To be honest I couldn’t wait to get started as soon as I found out. It took some time to sink in. The thought of not returning to school after summer and replacing it with this job also felt quite odd, but it has finally sunk in.

The first few weeks for me have been an eye opener. It’s been great to see how the team works on a daily basis and being able to contribute to that more and more each week. I’ve learned a great amount within the short time I’ve been here and I’m becoming more and more comfortable as the days go by. It was a bit difficult at first getting used to the routine after many years at school, but I feel I’m just about there!

Everyone greeted me well from the minute I first walked in, and have been great in regards to making sure I understand everything I learn from them and processes they take me through. There’s always a good team spirit within the office, making it a really good place to work.

I’ve learned a lot regarding the use of Unidesk and how to properly deal with calls through shadowing the guys in the office. I’ve also learned how to work on the Front Service Desk in the library after spending a few weeks there, which has made me much more confident when dealing with customers. I think I’m just about ready for start of term! I’m currently back in the office using Unidesk again, and how to deal with the calls in the inbox.

My main hobbies mainly involve sports. I was always a big fan of P.E. in school, as well as English and Computing, of course. My favorite sport is football. I play it three times a week for my team Broughty United which includes two training sessions and a match at the weekend. I also love watching the games on the TV and keeping up to date with everything football, it’s a big part of my life and involves a lot of time and commitment. I also enjoy gaming occasionally using my Xbox when I’ve got some spare time. I keep in touch with my friends from school often including arranging to meet up weekly when we can.”


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