Changes in the Access Control team

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Team name change
Access Control is now to be known as Campus Card Services, acknowledging that colleagues in this team have a wider remit than the provision of an access control service.

The structure of the team has also changed slightly – now consisted of one Campus Card Services Supervisor and one Campus Card Services Administrator, starting on the 21st May 2018.

Project work
Working closely with our colleagues in R&BS and Estates, we have agreed on a standard approach to the implementation of access control systems and services in new and refurbished residences across the University. Our first project (2017/18) was the Fife Park redevelopment, where 250 access control doors were successfully installed and linked to RBS’s accommodation system, Kx. Residence staff no longer have to manually input access control data onto a different system and students no longer have to carry an extra card as their student ID card now opens the door(s) to their accommodation. This went well and bodes well for future builds and redevelopments – and we are grateful to our IT colleagues who have helped make this happen.

In 2018, we will deliver access control on almost 1000 student bedrooms in time for the new academic year:

  • 270 doors at Agnes Blackadder Hall
  • 270 doors at Andrew Melville Hall
  • 230 doors at University Hall
  • 150 doors at Fife Park & DRA

Further re-developments are planned up to 2022 and there is a rolling programme of work to replace ‘non-standard’ access controlled doors and access systems year on year.

Call management
Requests to Campus Card Services are now processed via UniDesk, our call management system. As with all calls logged in UniDesk:

    • You can log a call online, by email or by phone (see contact details below);
    • UniDesk will automatically send you an acknowledgment with a unique reference when your call has been received. If you need to provide us with further information after you have logged a call, please reply to the acknowledgment email, so as to include the unique reference;
    • You can log and track the status of your call using IT Self Service;
    • If we ask you to provide further information in order to action or resolve your request, please reply to us as soon as possible.

Email address
Historically, there are a number of email addresses associated with Access Control/ID cards including [email protected]. This email address should no longer be used (the ownership of this account will transfer to Estates at a later date).

Contact details
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01334 46 2755
IT Self Service: (select ‘Use Self Service Desk’)
(please note there has been no change to our out-of-hours arrangements)

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