Introducing our new Data Governance Officer

Daniel Farrell
Wednesday 3 August 2022

Jacqui Ritchie joined us on 1 August as our new Data Governance Officer. Her role is to deliver a range of change management activities to support the University’s ambitions to improve data quality through improved data governance. 

About Jacqui

I am really excited to be joining IT Services as Data Governance Officer and working with the data community across the University. I have gained much experience and institutional knowledge over the last 11 years working in various roles in Academic Registry and have well-established relationships across the University. Due to the range of roles I have held to date, I know how important data governance is and look forward to playing a pivotal role in the change process for the University’s Data Warehouse and all the associated activities that come with it. 

Jacqui Ritchie 
Data Governance Officer, IT Services 

Data Governance at St Andrews 

Data governance at St Andrews is tailored to support University strategy and activities around data, and all colleagues are encouraged to strive for excellence in data management enabling better decisions through improved data confidence. 

The Head of Data Transformation leads the University’s data governance initiative in partnership with data owners and stewards alongside IT Services and business partners who are familiar with the University’s data domains. The function provides a complementary service to the University’s compliance and information assurance function and ensures data governance is relevant to the data being governed.  

The Data Governance Office (DGO) facilitates data transformation through leveraging colleagues, processes and technology to effectively manage institutional data as a critical strategic asset. The team supplies administrative support to establish, implement and enforce all data governance initiatives. 

For further information about the University’s data governance function, visit the Data Governance Office web page or contact the team on [email protected]  

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