Telephone upgrade

Bethany Reid
Thursday 18 July 2019

We’re upgrading our telephone system between 0700-0730 on Tuesday 23rd July 2019. Although all university landlines will experience an outage which will last a few minutes, the system will be considered ‘at risk’ between 0700 and 0730.

What will be affected

University switchboard

The main university switchboard telephone number (01334 476161) will be unavailable for a period of less than five minutes during this ‘at risk’ period. A temporary contact number will be posted on the University website. Emergency services and appropriate contractors have been advised.


A small number of University lifts cannot be used and will have signage and a physical barrier in place.  Appropriate Building Officers have been advised.

University phones

Call forwarding from a University extension to a mobile or voicemail will not work during this time. You will also be unable to call 999 from a University phone so please use your mobile if you need to. Some mobile providers use 112 rather than 999.

Halls of Residence

Extensions in Halls of Residence, including student bedrooms, will be affected.

Payment machines

A small number of PDQ payment machines will not work during this time. You will be made aware of this when you enter the impacted location.

What won’t be affected

  • Intruder or fire alarms as they do not run on our telephone exchange.
  • Access Control, so please use your ID card to enter buildings as usual.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


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