Introducing our new Business Productivity Liaison Officer

Bethany Reid
Friday 18 October 2019

Mark Cathro joined us on Monday as our new Business Productivity Liaison Officer. His job is to help staff get the most of the IT Services and digital tools available to them.


About Mark

I’m really excited about joining IT Services and working with colleagues across the University to make the most of the productivity tools available, save time and work smarter. I worked in IT Services from 2016-2018 which gives me a great understanding of the IT support offered at the University. During the last year, I’ve been working for a private company that have used Office 365 to achieve seamless workflows across their global offices. I loving keeping up-to-date with the latest features which Microsoft release and can’t wait to get out and meet people.

Mark Cathro

Business Productivity Liaison Officer, IT Services


How’s he going to do this?


Deskside IT inductions

Mark will be in touch with the new member of staff to arrange a deskside IT induction in their second week of employment at the University. This will be trialled with Professional Service Units in the run up to their relocation next year.

We rely heavily on eduroam, printing and Office 365 to do our jobs so the quicker we understand the tools which are available, the better. He’ll go over all the core IT services which staff will need to know about as well as answering any questions that they might have.

Sessions and presentations

Our guidance around Office 365, IT security and file storage isn’t a secret. We write blogs, produce web pages and tweet about it as often as we can. To reinforce our messages, Mark will also be offering presentations at staff meetings and smaller sessions to staff groups around top tasks and services. These are:

  • What is Office 365?
  • Smart working using Office 365
  • Storing your files
  • Collaborating in Microsoft teams
  • IT security overview

If you want to request any of these presentations for your next staff meeting, contact the IT Service Desk.

Office visits and drop-ins

To promote adoption of what’s available, Mark will be available to spend time in your department so that staff can chat about the productivity tools that they’re unsure of.

Office 365 user community

Mark will be facilitating a user-driven staff group to exchange ideas and experiences using Office 365.

The Office 365 user community aims to:

  • Provide an online forum for discussion and knowledge sharing;
  • Raise awareness of the capabilities of our Office 365 productivity tools;
  • Give staff the confidence to try out new ways of working;
  • Provide user driven events on specific topics, such as workshops, show and tell events and awareness sessions (the user community can drive the agenda);
  • Keep staff updated with changes and new Office 365 features which could benefit them.

Where topics or features seem to be of interest to multiple members, we’ll arrange in-person sessions to allow for demos and conversations. If you’d like to join, please join the Microsoft Team: Office 365 user community

Our first session will be on the 14th November with the theme ‘Office 365 and smart working.’ The agenda will be formed on the Office 365 user community Team.

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