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Updated PC Clinic terms and conditions

When you submit a form to PC Clinic to request our services, we’ll ask whether you’ve read the terms and conditions. 
These consist of the following points:
  • If we reply to your request, this doesn’t mean we’re able to fix it. We’ll usually exchange a few emails to gauge whether your issue is something we can help with. To make this process faster, give as much detail as you can in the online form.
  • We’ll always reply to your St Andrews email account or call you with the number you provide in the online form.
  • You only need to drop off your device to the IT Service Desk after we let you know we can help.
  • Sometimes devices are beyond repair, despite our best efforts. When this happens, we’ll explain why and give you advice on how to proceed.
  • We aim to provide our PC Clinic service all year round but we’ll let you know about temporary closures . If we close the service after you’ve handed in your device, we’ll still aim to repair it within the usual timescales.
  • We take a note of the physical state of each device when we receive it.
  • If your device is on its last legs when you hand it in, we can’t compensate you if it fails completely in our care.
  • All jobs cost at least £10, including VAT. This isn’t refundable as it covers the resources used to investigate your issue.
  • We’ll never buy a new part or carry out work without letting you know how much it will cost.
  • You need to pay for the completed job before you can take it away with you.
  • Let us know if the repaired component fails again after you pick up your device and we’ll take a second look.
We hope you enjoy having the PC Clinic as a service for students and staff. Here are a few pieces of feedback we’ve received.

Everyone was very helpful.  My laptop was taken very good care of.  It was fixed very quickly and everyone went the extra mile. 

I am more than satisfied with the outcome of the service because apart from resolving the problem, I was received timely assistance, Several people might have contributed to resolving the problem that I reported but the one I recognise most is Kris because the other communications just indicated IT PC Clinic, My thanks to all that worked towards my support. 

Cheapest service, excellent repairs, Speedy turn-around. Very impressed.

Service was excellent.

IT team were very helpful and efficient in dealing with my iPhone repair. 

Kris from PC Clinic has been kind in answering promptly to my queries. 

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