Scottish Apprenticeship Week: Aine’s story

Bethany Reid
Thursday 25 February 2021

To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the stories, thoughts, and experiences of our current and former IT Apprentices (as we’re incredibly proud of them!). 

  • Apprentice: Aine McHaffie
  • Contract Start: June 2019
  • Contract End: June 2021
  • Apprentice Role: IT/AV Technician

In my role as an apprentice IT/AV technician, I’m usually delivering equipment or responding to issues which have been reported within the University, as well as office and workshop tasks. However, since the pandemic began, working from home has become part of my working life. One of the aspects of my role which I enjoy the most is being able to help people when issues arise. I feel like I’ve made a difference to their day.

When finishing high school, I knew that university wasn’t quite right for me, but that I also wasn’t ready for my education to be over. That combined with knowing I enjoyed practical subjects and learning through experience meant that an apprenticeship was a perfect fit for me. 

My apprenticeship at the University has allowed me to get qualifications and experience, while learning about myself and the industry, which has been amazing. 

I really do enjoy the everyday tasks that support people, but one thing that stands out is working on large events like graduation or matriculation, as there are lots of moving parts, different people, and a range of tasks. It’s good to work together as a team to achieve something that forms part of someone’s special memories of their time at the University of St Andrews. 


Working at the University has allowed me to learn more about myself and where my skills lie, which will help me plan my career. My confidence has grown, and I know I’m skilled in helping others and troubleshooting with someone who is experiencing an issue. I’ve also benefited from training opportunities in various aspects of IT support like networking, security, and customer service skills. 

After my contract ends, I’d like to continue to develop my skills in similar roles in the field of IT and AV support. I might consider a university degree in an area of IT that interests me and relates to my job. 

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