Using teaching room technology: 2021 recap

Bethany Reid
Monday 27 September 2021

IT Services and the Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED) ran 18 in person refresher sessions for teaching staff to help prepare for the start of term. If you didn’t make it along to a refresher session, we’ve created this recap for you to reference and share, including existing resources from 2020.

What technology you’ll find in teaching spaces

Last year, we installed cameras and microphones in over 100 rooms so you can deliver your class to both in-person and online students. To learn about the cameras, microphones and how to set them up in the room, visit the ‘AV support for dual delivery’ guide on the IT website.

Read the AV support guide for dual delivery

Before you leave for class

1. Upload files you may need to OneDrive for Business

If you’re planning to use the teaching PC, you may wish to upload PowerPoint presentations or documents you wish to display on the projector beforehand.

Sign in to OneDrive for Business

2. Check the AV settings for the room

We made a searchable list available so you know what the camera and microphone is called in the room ahead of time. You’ll need to select these when starting a Teams or Panopto session.

AV settings in the teaching rooms

When you get to the room

1. Sign in to the teaching PC or connect your laptop

Centrally managed teaching spaces have been designed to offer a consistent experience for staff and students. Read the AV support guide on the IT website to learn more about the control panel.

2. Check the display settings

To adjust the display settings:

  1. Hold the Windows + P button on your keyboard
  2. Use the arrow and Enter keys to select Extend

3. Prepare your Teams meeting if needed

We recommend joining the Teams meeting from the teaching PC and performing a test call to check audio levels ahead of your class.

4. Ask for assistance if any issues occur

Ring the AV Helpdesk (previously Media Services) on 01334 46 3674. It has a “ring-a-round” so you will be diverted to an available AV/IT Technician. Please hold on until it’s answered.

Additional teaching resources

Our Technology Enhanced Learning team held a ‘Digital Learning Environment’ session earlier this month which looked at Moodle, Panopto and Teams. Within Teams, they covered how to:

  • create a module Team in MMS
  • schedule Teams meetings
  • run polls
  • create breakout rooms

If you’re interested in these topics, we recommend visiting the ‘online teaching’ web page or watching the recorded session.

Watch the Digital Learning Environment session

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