How to get involved in Cyber Scotland Week 2022

Bethany Reid
Monday 14 February 2022

Scotland’s week-long festival of events, showcasing cyber awareness and innovation, takes place from Monday 28 February to Friday 4 March.

We invite the University community to get involved in any of the activities listed below.

Friday 25 February: test your cyber awareness

We’ll be making a quiz available to test your knowledge of cyber security best practice at the University. This includes everything from multi-factor authentication to ransomware.

Find the quiz link in In The Loop on Friday 25 February. Entries must be completed before Thursday 3 March at 5pm.

The top ten scorers will be placed into a prize draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher. We will announce the winner on Friday 4 March on Twitter.

Monday 28 February: read our cyber newsletter

We’ll share a range of resources, including guidance from our IT security team and industry best practice. This newsletter will be issued to subscribers only on Monday 28 February.

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Thursday 3 March: attend our event

Our event raises awareness of new and continuing threats and what staff and students can do to protect University data. This year will also include guidance on emerging trends.

It takes place on Thursday 3 March from 2pm to 3pm. There will also be an interactive quiz to test the audience’s knowledge of phishing emails, using real examples.

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Monday 28 – Friday 4: share our tips on Twitter

Throughout the week, we’ll post our top ten cyber security tips. If you have a Twitter account, please feel free to share.

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Monday 28 – Friday 4: attend any Cyber Scotland Week event

There are a huge range of topics featured throughout the week. We’ve highlighted our top picks below, but feel free to browse the entire programme on the Cyber Scotland Week website.

Visit the Cyber Scotland Week website

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