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We're upgrading the university's telephone system on the 23rd July between 0700 and 0730. Find out what related …

July 18, 2019

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The clever reason scammers can’t spell

Anybody who doesn’t fall off their chair laughing is exactly who they want to talk to - Cormac Herley, Microsoft computer scientist.

6 June 2019Security

Free BT Wi-fi for visitors

We've entered into a partnership with BT to deliver free Wi-fi throughout the University this summer.

3 June 2019Our services

What happens to your account when you graduate

Congratulations to all students who are graduating in June 2019. After your graduation ceremony, you’ll gradually lose access to University services over the next six months. If you’ve got any important documents to save or errands to run, make sure you give yourself enough time to do so. Your student ID card These will stop…

3 June 2019Our services

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